Customers of SSC Consult have achieved, through our support, significant and sustained savings . Because of this a high number of customers have remained with us for many years and continue to work in co-operation with SSC Consult.

We work with you on both short and long-term procurement strategies that provide the largest possible savings. We help you in the search for equivalent types of materials which meet the same specifications as your existing products.

We bring transparency to the complex supplier market for plastic raw materials!

With its comprehensive, integrated service SSC-Consult is unique. Any savings achieved are for you and completely transparent and measureable.

Producers, distributors and traders try to get the highest price possible for their resin. SSC Consult other hand operates completely independently. We have no affiliation with the sellers of resin. Our sole aim is to help our clients.

Often business consultants look for high one of fees for short term assignments.  Our approach, however, is focused on your long-term success by continuing cost reductions. Only if you are successful, so are we.

Many information services provide independent information on price and market movements. These are often influenced by the large producers and the information is of little use to the buyer. We, however, inform on the basis of data, facts and prices of actual contracts at converters.