In market analysis and developing strategies SSC Consult works closely with experts from the RTi in Fort Worth.

Our specialist teams analyse specific markets such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and engineering plastics in terms of potential for reducing the costs.

Our expert team together possess more than 300 years of experience in purchasing, selling, production, distribution and processing of plastics. All have had high level responsibility at well-known processors in the plastics industry.  Companies such as Union Carbide, Diageo, Black and Decker, Papier-Mettler, Innovia, Guinness and Simona. They are familiar with the plastics business from all angles.

The SSC-Consult experts have a global knowledge commodity markets, availability and price developments that is up-to-date and relevant. With this knowledge we can help in the optimization of your purchasing function and in the reduction of procurement costs.

Stefan Schweitzer

Joint owner of SSC Consult

„We achieve, together with our customers, improvements in purchasing performance. The amount of savings achieved exceeds the cost of the service often by a factor of 4 or 5“

Since 1985 Stefan Schweitzer has worked with renowned industrial companies in a leading position in purchasing:

  • 7 years in purchasing the A. Racke Group. A leader in the German beverage industry.
  • 10 years as Head of Purchasing and Materials Management of Weinbrennerei Asbach in Rüdesheim, a company the global market leader Guinness Plc. (Today Diageo).
  • 6 years as head of purchasing commodities at Papier-Mettler, Morbach the European leader of flexible packaging and a purchasing volume in the 3-digit million euro range
  • 3 years as Head of Purchasing at Simona AG, Kirn a global manufacturer of thermoplastic semi-finished products, plates and pipes.

Graham Chetwood

Joint owner of SSC Consult

“Converters often talk about design for manufacture. At SSC Consult we prefer design for procurement so we ensure our clients make money as well as producing quality products.”

Graham has over 35 years purchasing experience in FMCG, chemicals and plastics business:

  • 7 years at Union Carbide as Purchasing Manager with ultimate responsibility for purchasing at all production sites in the UK.
  • 5 years at Black and Decker sourcing plastic components and resins for multiple production sites across Europe
  • 8 years at Viskase Corporation as Director of Supply Chain for their European plastic and cellulose food packaging operations.
  • Prior to joining SSC Consult he was responsible for purchasing at Innovia Films, a major BOPP and cellulose film producer, with over 130,000 tonnes of capacity worldwide.