Where we come from

SSC-Consult is a spin-off of the former RTi Europe GmbH.

our credentials

87 percent of all first-time customers have become long-term clients of ours.

Your career with us

We are looking for purchasing professionals to join the SSC-Consult team.

That is our DNA

SSC-Consult advises plastics processors on their procurement strategy. The ultimate goal is cost savings in plastics purchasing by closing deals at the best possible price. We accompany you through the entire procurement process – from the analysis of the purchasing situation, to the development of a strategy concept, to the implementation of concrete measures in your day-to-day practice.

RTi has been offering these customized services very successfully in North America since 1998. Since then, RTi has also been active for globally active companies in other continents – and since 2009 also in Europe. SSC-Consult is a spin-off of the former RTi Europe GmbH.

Roots in the United States

The business idea was born in the day-to-day operations of an injection molding company. Garland Strong and Bill Bowie were managers for years in one of the largest injection molding companies in the USA. In this position of responsibility, they learned for themselves that hardly any cost block is as large as that of plastic raw materials and that no savings are as effective as an effective reduction in the cost of their procurement.

Together, Strong and Bowie have thus developed new strategies for plastics purchasing at their employer and achieved major savings with their revolutionary approach. The idea for their own company, which helps plastics processors optimize their raw material purchasing, is based on these successes.

In 1998, Strong and Bowie founded RTi, built a customer base, and deployed teams of experts who now monitor and analyze all major product and market segments for plastics: Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystrene, PVC, Polyester, Engineering Plastics and Recyclates.

RTi continuously expanded its range of services. To date, it has grown into a very comprehensive portfolio. In addition to strategies for cost reductions, we often offer optimization of material selection or assistance with listings as preferred supplier. In the context of the succession of RTI Europe GmbH, SSC-Consult uses this know-how for the benefit of its European customers.

We observe the strictest confidentiality

In North America RTi has had great success in the long-term reduction of procurement costs for its customers. Under the guidance of RTi we have been active for several years in Europe. The vast majority of our customers appreciate our support and remain with us for many years: 87 percent of all first-time customers become long-term clients of ours and work with us on a permanent basis to achieve long term savings.

SSC-Consult treats all information with the utmost discretion and customer data is strictly confidential. Therefore, we do not publish general reference lists. However on request we are happy to provide the names of some appropriate references.

We will gladly provide concrete examples of our services in a personal meeting where we can discuss a possible collaboration.
If interested, please contact Graham Chetwood.

Purchasing professionals are welcome

SSC-Consult is looking to expand its team all the time. To support our international clients we are looking for experts from the plastics industry who would like to help plastic processors achieve lower procurement costs.

You must have been successful at a managerial level for several years in purchasing and sales or production. Have very good analytical skills and want to create something new. You must see yourself as partners to our customers. It excites you, together with our team of experts in the United States to work on solutions for our customers. You should be able to inspire and motivate people. To initiate positive changes with visible and measurable results that provide our customers sustainable success.

We offer interesting work tasks in demanding and customised projects. We support you in developing your personal strengths and open up new opportunities. Mutual trust and absolute integrity are important to us. Excellent communication skills and a multilingual background are essential.

If you are interested please call Graham Chetwood.